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Committed to increase the number of its Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree programs, Özyeğin University Graduate School of Social Sciences continues to offer Master’s Degree programs in Law, Psychology, Technology and Society. Through our current and future programs, we endeavor to prepare high-impact graduates who will make valuable contributions to the science community and society. Our current programs are offered as follows:


Our Turkish-medium Faculty of Law offers LLM programs with thesis. Our students can specialize in one of the sub-modules of Public Law, Private Law, Energy Law, Health Law and Sports Law within the scope of Public Law and Private Law. After completion of two-semester seminar courses, students are required to prepare a thesis in their field of expertise.


The Psychology program is offered in a different area of concentration each year and is delivered in English. Our Applied Developmental Psychology program was offered in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years. Our aim is to prepare expert psychologists in alignment with the Scientist-Practitioner Model. Students who opt to complete our thesis programs may later pursue their doctoral studies, while students who opt to complete our non-thesis programs may start their careers as practitioners. Dedicated to offer internationally recognized programs, our Graduate School strives to make significant contributions to the academic world and disseminate the knowledge produced with the society.

Technology and Society:

ÖzÜ MSc and PhD in Design, Technology and Society program approaches design as a creative social practice. Design as a creative social practice contains several dynamics and its importance increases in the context of technology, society and economy. Therefore, our program focuses on the interaction between technological, cultural, economic and political dynamics to create a prominent academic hub that produces new ideas, concepts and strategies locally and globally In this context, our programs aim to provide the students the ability to do rigorous, cutting edge academic research through its interdisciplinary curriculum in the intersection of design, technology and society.